solve your most persistent problem in 2 hours (or less)

lateral labs is a global innovation agency on a mission to solve the world's problems faster_

any challenge, any domain_

whether you're a business struggling for sales, a politician with plummeting approval ratings or a baseball player striking out, our rapid 6-step process will solve your most stubborn challenge in 2 hours (or less).

01 / curate crowd

we employ team design algorithms to curate diverse crowds immune from destructive groupthink.

04 / pitch plans

we transform ideas into activation plans with teams pitching their best concepts in 60 seconds (or less).

02 / create urgency

we use psychological techniques to create a real sense of urgency (after all, we only have 2 hours...or less).

05 / pick winners

we employ the "wisdom of crowds" to select the best concepts using our anonymous text-based voting system.

03 / stimulate solutions

we employ lateral thinking techniques to crack conventional thought patterns and rapidly stimulate creative solutions.

+...06 / build solutions

we use our proprietary Minimal Viable Solution framework to quickly turn concepts into real solutions. 


accelerate your solutions_

our programs are designed to rapidly transform the futures of organizations and communities across the world.

solution sprints

Stuck with a persistent problem that’s proving impossible to solve? Need outside help, but don’t have the time (or patience) for traditional consultants? In 2 hours (or less), our virtual workshops will help you break your predictable thought patterns and discover creative solutions to your challenges.


Do you wish your team could solve their problems faster? Do you want to solve a stubborn challenge standing between you and your potential right now? Our half-day hackathons provide organizations with the tools they need as together we solve your most persistent problems in 2 hours (or less).

popup labs

Our popup labs promote our inclusive approach to innovation, bringing our rapid problem-solving system to towns and cities across the world. We provide local communities with the tools they need to solve their problems fast, while working together to solve real challenges real-time.


"lateral labs breathed new life into our boring mission statement by incorporating lyrics from gwen stefani songs".

- claudia olmedo | ceo | monstruo

2019 tour_

our 2019 rapid resolutions tour covered 6 states, 19,140 miles and some seriously stubborn challenges.

hillsboro | or

resurrecting a "dumped" downtown.

scottsdale | az

breaking down barriers in local government.

salina | ks

finding a cure for "stockade syndrome".

waco | tx

eradicating "news deserts" in communities of color.

fort collins | co

turning "all that talk" into action.

tallahassee | fl

smashing silos to accelerate disaster response.

real problems | real solutions

pathway pilot

a program pathway app designed to curate a killer curriculum for Startup Week FoCo participants.

the mesh pit

a cross-disciplinary collaboration space built to smash silos across the city of Tallahassee.

the hook app

a smart-switchboard that helps staff and residents in the City of Scottsdale find the right person, right away.

An innovation publication and podcast dedicated to divergent thinking and those who dare to be different.


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We are creative minds, lateral thinkers and problem solvers.....and we're fast.


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